Your Teeth Are Not Tools, They Are Jewels!

Teeth provide a variety of purposes, including chewing, speaking, and supporting the lips and cheeks. They’re designed to do a variety of tasks. One of them isn’t acting like a tool.
Bobby pins are frequently held in hairdressers’ teeth. Moms tear apart packages of fruit snacks with their teeth in order to feed their wailing toddlers. And one of our personal favorites some even use their teeth to remove the cork from a bottle.


Don’t pull off that price tag, bite your fingernails, or use your teeth to open a package or a bottle! Teeth are not tools, and they should not be used as such for any reason.
Teeth-As-Tools- Cause Damage
A healthy tooth, in general, will not chip or shatter with routine use. What is normal function? Chewing food and speaking. That’s it.
Even more fascinating is the fact that the teeth do not come into contact during typical chewing and speaking tasks. Food separates the teeth as it is chewed. During regular speaking, the teeth naturally separate. This explains why teeth aren’t destroyed when they’re used normally.
When the tooth is not normal and healthy, the chance of damage increases rapidly.
Cavities cause teeth to be weaker and have less enamel. Even a modest amount of force will easily chip them. When you try to take a cork out of a tooth if you are having gum disease, it can shift, move, or even become loose. Using a tooth as a tool if you are with a large filling or crown might cause the filling to fall out or the crown to fall off. If you have porcelain veneers, opening a bobby pin can pop them off of your tooth.
When you use your teeth as tools, you run the risk of chipping, shattering, or dislodging something crucial if you have any dental treatment on your front teeth.
Dental work restores teeth that have been damaged by disease or fractures. Teeth having dental procedures such as fillings and crowns, on the other hand, will never be as strong as healthy, strong teeth with complete enamel.

Dent’oral Studio will fix the Damage

So, let’s say you didn’t know all of the prior details and were relying on your teeth as a tool. What goes into our repair procedure?
That is determined by the severity of the injury. Minor tooth chips can be easily fixed with a tooth-colored filling. Because porcelain cannot be restored, a cracked crown or veneer must be replaced entirely.
Some teeth are severely damaged, necessitating surgical treatment such as tooth extraction and replacement with a dental implant.
Have you harmed your teeth by using them as a tool?
Make an appointment at Dent’ oral Studio with our Dentists by calling our office now. They’ll devise a plan for resolving the current issue and advising you on how to avoid further damage.

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