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Have you noticed your gum disease? Don’t worry. Gum disease is a common dental condition that can be treated and avoided. Gum receding can be annoying, but because it happens gradually, most people are unaware they have the problem. 

Periodontics is an area of study in dentistry that specializes in treating severe gum disease. Periodontists at Dentoral Studio have significant expertise and training in preventing, diagnosing, and treating severe periodontal diseases. They offer a wide range of gum disease treatment services and are highly skilled experts in their field, with up to three years of additional training beyond that of a regular dentist. A periodontist can help you get the required therapy if you have gum disease.

How Can Gum Disease Develop?

Poor oral hygiene causes gum disease. When bacteria feed on the carbohydrates and sugars in plaque formation, they produce waste in the form of enamel-affecting toxins and acids, which cause inflammation and various other adverse effects. Over time, harmful substances take over the person’s mouth and cause gum disease.

What Are The Signs Of Gum Disease?

Gum disease causes various symptoms that range from severe to moderate, depending on the stage of the disease. Common and early symptoms include swollen or red gums, bleeding gums during flossing or brushing, and poor breath. If the problem is not handled on time, these minor symptoms might progress to more severe symptoms such as receding gums, changes in bite alignment, loose teeth, and irreversible tooth loss. As a result, if you detect any of these signs, contact Dentoral Studio right once to schedule a complete evaluation and treatment plan.  

Causes Of Receding Gums

Gum recession has various circumstances, including poor dental hygiene or gum disease.

Gum disease, known as periodontal disease, is a leading cause of gum recession. It causes damage to the gum tissue and the bone structure that supports your teeth.

Other factors are

  • Your genes
  • Brushing too firmly or wrongly
  • Hormonal changes
  • Going to the dentist or hygienist infrequently.
  • Smoking
  • Grinding or clenching the teeth
  • Crooked teeth.

Periodontist Services We Provide in Lahore – Overview

Periodontists are dental professionals who have received further training in gum disease therapy, including non-surgical methods and periodontal plastic surgery. They also specialize in the insertion and management of dental implants. Their treatments include scrubbing, root planning, and soft tissue grafts, which are used to cover exposed tooth roots, relieve sensitivity, and prevent future recession.

Periodontal therapy also involves

  1. Treatment of gingivitis (inflamed or bleeding gums)
  2. Treatment of periodontal disease (a condition that affects gum tissue and underlying bone).
  3. Gum disease therapy near implants – Peri-implantitis
  4. Correction of the uneven gum line (crown lengthening).
  5. Cosmetic gum graft to treat gum shrinkage.
  6. Treatment for poor breath (halitosis).
  7. Dental Implant Treatment

How Do We Treat Gum Disease at Dentoral Studio?

Based on the patient’s checkup, we determine whether root planning and scaling, the most effective treatment option, can benefit or improve their gum condition. During the treatment technique, our dentists ensure that tartar and plaque are removed from the patient’s gumline, even if they are deep into the tooth roots where germs have grown. At the next appointment, they smooth out the roots of the teeth and encourage them to reattach to the gums. If patients have any issues or queries after their treatment, they may contact us- the best dental clinic in Lahore. 

When Should You See A Periodontist?

Consult a periodontist if you have severe gum disease or require dental implants. These specialized dentists have undergone further training in treating, preventing, and diagnosing gum diseases, and we provide expert care in Lahore.

Is It Possible To Prevent Gum Disease?

Gum disease can be prevented with adequate dental health care. To avoid gum disease, it is recommended that you see your dentist regularly, brush twice a day, floss, and eat a healthy diet.

Recovery After Treatment For Gum Disease at Lahore’s Best Clinic

There are no stitches; thus, you will need to spend less time recovering. Unlike previous scalpel operations, which could take two to four weeks for the patient to recover fully, this method requires just one to two days to recover from gum disease treatment in Lahore, Pakistan. Thus, if you choose laser treatment for gum disease in Lahore, you can resume your regular activity quickly.

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