Best Tooth Decay Treatment in Lahore

As a mom, you pass a lot to your children. Your looks, your love for food, your behavior, but did you know you can pass tooth decay from your mouth to your child’s? Normally, this happens through maternal things, such as sharing utensils, blowing on food to cool it off, or even kissing your child. Let’s learn more how Dentoral Studio will help in tooth decay treatment.

What is Tooth Decay?

Tooth Decay is a Diet-related disease which damages teeth.
Plaque, a sticky layer formed on the surface of teeth by oral bacteria. It is the primary cause of tooth decay. These bacteria produce an acid that erodes the surface of teeth. As they feed on the sugars in food and beverages. This acid gradually eats away at the tooth’s surface, leaving holes or “cavities.”
Pain and infection may result from tooth decay. Even children’s growth can be impacted by it. Your child’s nutrition, as well as the development of their speech, jaw, and teeth, can suffer significantly from severe decay in baby teeth.

Signs of tooth decay

Early it is often difficult to detect. The area at the base of the teeth, close to the gums, is where teeth first show signs of tooth decay. It develops a dull, white band. Additionally, there may be brown stains on the teeth and red or swollen gums.

Affordable Tooth Decay Services
Depending on the extent of the decay and the individual dental circumstances of the child, different treatments are available for it. Following are some different cavity-restorative procedures:

1.  Fluoride Treatment- can sometimes be sufficient to treat early-stage decay before it eats through the tooth’s outer enamel layer.
2.  Fillings- The most popular method of treating cavities. It is used for tooth-colored and shallow decay.
3.  Before inserting a filling, pulp capping is used by dental specialist for more moderate to severe decay.
4.  A primary tooth with severe decay and exposed nerve is given a pulpotomy, which involves removing the pulp and treating it before covering the tooth with a crown.
5. After the Dentists in Lahore drills through all of the decay and fills the tooth, porcelain or stainless-steel crowns. It replaces the full natural crown of the tooth.
Other ways to avoid tooth decay
1.  Brush your own teeth twice a day
2.  Once a day, use waxed floss or an interdental brush to clean between teeth once a day
3.  Limit your sugar intake.
4.  being positive about going for dental check-ups.


Maintaining oral health is an essential part of the self-care routine. Cavities and infections can develop in your mouth if you do not maintain it clean. Additionally, if you have cancer, heart disease, or diabetes, it may be more harmful to your health. Visit the top dentist in Pakistan a dental clinic near me if you are experiencing tooth pain.

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